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I found this Poem in my old emails and thought I might put it up here. I use the word Poem loosely here, I am well aware I am no Wordsworth, but still had fun making it up! As with most things, it was originally written as a joke for a friend, luckily she liked it.
It will join the Pantsuit Poem Collection.

An Ode The Thesaurus (And A Friend)!!

How I love my thesaurus,
Tis always by my side,
When on the perfect word,
I’m trying to decide,

One can take a boring word,
Quite insignificant and plain,
And replace it with better one,
Time and Time again,

For instance if I were to say,
You really are so fine,
According to that worthy book,
you’re exquisite, accomplished and divine!

When I wish to compliment a friend,
As paradaisacle as yourself,
I simply predestine to pluck,
This volume from my shelf,

It is also most invaluable,
When I compose a rhyme,
For words that sound alike,
Are unfathomably hard to find.

I am relieved of so much strain,
When one word can be another,
The other day I struggled until …
Sibling became BROTHER!

Or when one writes an essay,
And unequivocally must sound smart,
Appellations like locution,
Set one’s intellect apart.

Mine sits open on my desk,
As this lyric poesy I compose,
Replacing the subsidiary words,
That I originally chose.

Allow me to use it now,
To express my friendship with you,
For that is (I suspect),
What my thesaurus wants to do.

How do I love thee?
Let me LIST the ways,
Love – Verb = Adore, Treasure, Cherish, Worship,
Idolise and Adulate,
And shall continue to do so for innumerable more days!