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It has ben such a horribly long time since I posted anything on this blog, but for the last year or so I simply haven’t had the time. In large part this is because in 2015 I underwent complex, life saving open heart surgery. And while this had a wonderful and life enhancing outcome, it did take a long time to recover from! 
Then, almost as excitingly, I was commissioned to write and direct two plays. Needless to say both were comedies and were amazing projects to be a part of. 
Most recently and perhaps just as exciting, I was lucky enough to have my plays published, so I am now a ‘playwright’, sort of … nearly … almost!!!  Wich seems absolutely incredible.
However as I have just finished writing a play and am ‘between projects’ I thought I would go back to that most amusing of diversions of putting quill to parchment and writing Regency nonsense.  

So, in a brand new story and in honour of the return to our screens of 24, may I re-introduce The Woodvilles in their latest tale : Four and Twenty; Vicious Venvenge!
I hope you enjoy it!