Any Suggestions?

Classic Retellings Of Modern Tales

The Any Suggestion Stories, are short stories based on the format of episodic sagas published in magazines, particularly popular in the Victorian period. Although, mine are the opposite of the Modern Day Adaptations; I take T.V. thrillers and rewrite them in my favourite historical period. but I want them to be subject to the reader’s influence.

So I would love to have suggestions from you, which I will then try to incorporate into a story over the following weeks. For example; the suggestion of a shipwreck led to “Lost” being transformed into “Perviously Unable To Find Our Bearings“.

The suggestions could be anything at all: The name and appearance of a character, a particular place or an unexpected plot twist. The funnier the better!

So please post your suggestions on this site, and then read the unfolding story over the next few weeks to see how it turns out.


14 thoughts on “Any Suggestions?”

  1. marcus hards said:

    there should be a man with three wooden legs made from the finest polished oak which is a hazard on a slippery surface.He should have flaxen locks reaching just above the knee.

  2. Sue jenkins said:

    The man ought to be particularly fond of battenburg cake and eat it by the hour.

  3. Include a shipwreck!

  4. Kate. G. said:

    Can I suggest having a duel.

  5. and cats … at least three 🙂 This is fun!

  6. Right, cats are included in the plot! I hope to post it in the next couple of days! Thanks for the suggestion!

  7. Are you still taking suggestions? A charming idea…

    • I am indeed; as silly as you like.I would love to hear yours …

      • OK, here goes–British sailors in Napoleonic Wars find mermaid and take her aboard–like Master and Commander meets Splash! Or Sharpe’s Rifles meets Mad About Men starring Glynis Johns as wry mermaid, Miranda. If you have never heard of the latter movie, I recently found it on youtube, it costars Margaret Rutherford, and was really charming. Anyway, a story about that!

  8. Wow! Ok; I’ll give Master and Commander meets Splash a go for my next story! Keep reading to find out how it turns out!
    Thanks Annabelle.

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